Ordinary Paint: Professional Paints, Varnishes and Enamels

We produce varnishes, paints and enamels for building and construction industries, with the possibility of customization.

Paints and varnishes for the building industry must meet high quality standards to best meet the decoration and protection needs of the surfaces on which they are applied, guaranteeing durability over time, preserving the quality and yield of the results.

The Saber team has been involved for over 40 years in the experimentation and production of varnishes and paints for the building industry, both for external use on facades and roofs, and for internal use on walls, floors and coverings. The goal is to constantly improve the possibilities and performance of paints and varnishes for the building industry, guaranteeing the customer high-performance solutions, in full compliance with current regulations.

our production today offers a wide range of professional enamels and varnishes, capable of satisfying every need of professional and do-it-yourself applicators and which find an ideal application for the decoration and protection of works in iron, galvanized sheet metal, wood, plastics and walls. 


Special paints

We have special professional paints, specially developed for particular uses. An example above all isthe Sanus formaldehyde-free water-based paint with VOC 0, with very low emission of polluting volatile substances. It is an A+ water-based paint containing active silver ions, which preserves the health of the person and the environment.  


Why choose Saber's building paints?

We are organized to produce customized paints and enamels, we are able to satisfy the needs of the customer who needs a non-standard product and usually has tight delivery times, with even large purchase volumes.

  • We have an excellent price-quality ratio
  • With us, delivery is fast
  • We can create customized paint!