SANUS: Active silver ion water-based paint with formaldehyde catcher.

Antibacterial washable water-based paint for interiors that captures formaldehyde based in silver ions, with very high opacity, AIQ class A+ certified, formaldehyde free.

Paint for the protection of internal surfaces in civil plaster, gypsum, plasterboards etc. Particularly suitable for homes, public environments such as schools, hospitals, offices where you want to ensure effective bacteriostatic protection, combines with anti-polluting properties. (WASHABILITY: CLASS 2 ISO 11998)


ESEC Sanus Folder A4 1

Water-based paint with low emission of polluting volatile substances in the treated environments

All the products used for painting indoor environments release more or less significant quantities of pollutants into the environment, known as VOC (Volatile organoc compounds). Among these substances, some are particularly important and harmful (for example Formaldehyde and its derivatives) as they are cancer causing and can often cause allergies, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, asthma, etc.

SANUS is a class A+ IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) certified water-based paint, the highest certification obtainable to indicate an extremely low level of emissions of volatile substances in the air which, if inhaled, could be toxic.



SANUS is a formaldehyde-free water-based paint

Formaldehyde has long been recognized  as a human carcinogen, also capable of leading to the onset of allergies, irritation, dermatitis, headaches and asthma. SANUS is "formaldehyde free" and does not emit formaldehyde into environment!

Sanus is an anti-pollution purifying paint, i.e.,  given its particular formulation, it is able to capture the formaldehyde present in the environment (also contained in cigarette smoke, food cooking smoke, released from furnishings,  etc...) transforming it in absolutely inert and harmless compounds for health.


SANUS is a paint with bacteriostatic action

Another source of pollution very often present inside homes ar microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and fungus, which propagate through the air and often find ideal conditions on the surfaces of wals and ceilings on which to develop and proliferate, very often helped from below air exchange due to the use of air conditioning systems.

Sanus thanks to the presence in its formulation of silver compounds guarantees a remarkable Bacteriostatic effect, inhibiting the formation and proliferation of bacteria on the painted surface, obtaining a permanent sanitizing effect (bacteriostatic action tested according to ISO 22196-2011).

Finally, Sanus has an excellent resistance to washing, thanks to th accurate calibration of its components (class 2 according to ISO EN 11998).


 ESEC Sanus Folder A4 1